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  • Avoid skin irritants for a few days before treatment

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure or self-tanners prior to & during the treatment regimen

  • Excess hair may need to be shaved. Men should be clearly shaved


  • Keep face clean until tomorrow​

  • Starting tomorrow:

    • AM: gentle cleanser, moisturizer, SPF​

    • PM: gentle cleanser & moisturizer

  • No active ingredients for 1 week

  • Purging is common

  • Claritin for 3-7 days after treatment can help with flare ups

  • Swelling & pustules (pimples) are common - don't pick

  • Dry & itchy skin is normal

  • Use clean pillowcases & towels tonight - no pet dander on them

  • Don't let pets lick your face

  • No spray tans, tanning bed, or prolonged sun exposure to face

  • No sweating, hot showers, sauna, or hot tubs for 1-2 days after treatment

  • No facial waxing for 1-2 weeks after treatment

Questions or concerns, just text us!

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