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Facial Filler


  • Avoid the following for 24 hours:

    • Makeup​

    • Strenuous exercise

    • Heavily massaging the area

    • Abstaining from alcohol can decrease bruising

  • No dental work or vaccines for 2 weeks.

  • Things that can decrease swelling:

    • Icing the area for 15 mins​

    • Sleeping with your head elevated

  • Normal Reactions:

    • Tenderness and/or swelling to the area for 24-48 hours

    • Being able to feel the filler. This will go away, give it 2 weeks.
    • Bruising is normal
  • When to call:​

    • Pain out of proportion​

    • The skin is pale in color

Remember, you can always call your injector is you feel that something is wrong.

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