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FAQs & Policies

  • What is the difference between eyebrow tinting & eyebrow laminating?
    Eyebrow tinting just uses tint on the brows in their current shape, where laminating brushes the brows upward & uses a solution to help them stay in place. Laminating helps the brows appear fuller & more lifted.
  • What peels do you offer?
    Our chemical peels are designed to give a medical grade depth peel with the least amount of discomfort. VI Peel is the brand of peel and we offer 4 different kinds: Purify, Precision Plus, Purify with Precision Plus, & Large Body Peel. You can read more about the different types of peels here.
  • Can I bring my child(ren) to my appointment?
    Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult to supervise them during your treatment/service, as Refine is not liable for any injury, reaction, or damage to our facility that may occur. Our stance is always on the side of safety & we ask that you not leave children unattended at any point during your visit with any Refine Team Member & plan accordingly for your visit with us.
  • What is the difference between the Hydrafacials?
    We have 7 different variations of Hydrafacials & they are all the basic Hydrafacial with different add-ons like dermaplaning, light therapy, & serum infusion. They all target slightly different concerns. You can read about our Hydrafacials in more detail here. You can also discuss with your esthetician which one would be best for you depending on your concerns. As always, consults are completely complimentary.
  • What is a back facial?
    A back facial is a facial for the back, oftentimes acne, that includes extractions.
  • What is included in the acne facial?
    The acne facial is a full Custom Refine Facial that includes extra time for extractions. The Custom Refine Facial is a cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, steam & mask all catered to your specific skin needs/type.
  • What is included in the man facial?
    The man facial is like one of our regular facials with the cleansing & exfoliation, but focuses on treating facial hair & helping facial ingrown hairs.
  • Can the same filler used for my lips be used for my chin, jawline, cheeks?
    We don't typically use the same filler for lips & all the other parts of the face, but a consultation with one of our providers would be best to decide exactly which filler will give you the best results.
  • Which filler lifts my cheeks?
    Everyone’s face and needs will be different, so we would suggest a consultation with one of our providers so they can suggest what would work best for you, specifically. Our consultations are always complimentary so you can feel confident and educated in your decisions on your aesthetic journey.
  • Can I dissolve a certain amount of my filler or does it have to be everything?
    There are certain instances where we can dissolve just a localized area or amount, but it is best to consult with one of our providers so they can see & decide for themselves due to varying scenarios.
  • Will I bruise?
    Every patient & treatment is different & we can’t say for sure whether you will or won’t bruise, but there is always a risk of bruising if you are receiving Tox or Filler. To have the best chance of avoiding or decreasing bruising, we recommend abstaining from the use of alcohol & anti-inflammatories (like ibuprofen) for 1 week prior to your appointment. Supplementing with arnica &/or antihistamines before the procedure can also be beneficial.
  • What lasers do you have?
    The lasers we use for laser hair removal are the GentleMax Pro and the Diode laser of the Inmode Optimus. We also use the Diolaze of the Optimus for IPL treatments that targets pigment and acne.
  • Does laser hair removal hurt?
    Laser hair removal treatments could result in mild pain. Some areas can be a little more uncomfortable than others, but this will vary from patient to patient depending on pain tolerance. Your provider will work with you to try and keep you as comfortable as possible.
  • How long does it take the hair to grow back?
    Our hair follicles grow in rotating cycles so it will vary. But, most patients start noticing some regrowth happening around 4-6 weeks after their first treatment. We suggest waiting until you see hair growth again before receiving your follow up treatments in order to be most effective. Your laser technician will best advise you on how long to wait in between sessions depending on the area.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for laser hair removal?
    We ask that you have no prolonged sun exposure 2 weeks prior to your appointment, no prior spray tan 2 weeks before & arrive at your appointment with clean, freshly shaved skin.
  • What is the downtime for IPL?
    Typically, any redness, sensitivity, or swelling should subside within 24-48 hours after your treatment.
  • Does IPL hurt?
    Similar to laser hair removal, IPL could result in mild pain that will vary from patient to patient depending on pain tolerance. But your provider will work with you to try & keep you as comfortable as possible.
  • Can you IPL anywhere?
    We use our IPL device on the face & chest.
  • How can I use my membership?
    You can choose to receive any combination of 3 member treatments: Microneedling Baby Lip Chemical Peel (upgraded treatments available for additional $) OR 6 Hydrafacials to use throughout your year contract. In this way it functions as a payment plan for these services, in addition to the member perks you receive all year.
  • Can my kids/family members use my membership?
    No. Unfortunately, membership services & perks cannot be shared with anyone & are only for members who have a signed contract within that year.
  • What is the difference between microneedling & microinfusion?
    Microneedling uses the SkinPen device to puncture the skin in varying depths in order to stimulate collagen production to reduce acne scarring, fine lines, pore size, & tone & texture. Microinfusion also involves puncturing the skin with needles but in a more conservative manner with smaller depth & amount of punctures. The needles used actually infuse a combination of filler, tox, and antioxidants into the superficial layers of the skin to decrease pore size, smooth out the texture, & provide a red carpet glow. This procedure has more short term results with a more immediate effect than the longer journey of microneedling for collagen induction benefits.
  • PRP/PRF for filler?
    PRP/PRF can help boost collagen production, but will not do the same thing as filler with the immediate results. It is a better option for people who are looking for a more natural solution that avoids the use of dermal filler & provides collagen induction for longer term benefits.
  • What is the difference between filler & Sculptra?
    The main difference between filler & Sculptra is the production of collagen. Sculptra stimulates the production of collagen, whereas filler just fills in an area & provides instant volume/results. Sculptra results are shown overtime, often with several treatments & results can last up to 2 years. Filler will last about 9-12 months, depending on the patient and area that is injected.
  • Can I get tox & Sculptra on the same day?
    You can get tox & Sculptra on the same day, just not in the same area of the face.
  • Can I tip my provider?
    While tipping is never expected, it is certainly appreciated when you feel that our aestheticians have provided you with outstanding service during your visit. Examples of services you may leave a gratuity for include procedures like: Facials Brows Lashes Microblading Waxing Our injectors will always welcome a Google review, positive referral to a new patient, or social media shout-out in lieu of tips!
  • What is your tox minimum?
    We have no minimum for tox.
  • What tox works the fastest?
    Jeuveau & Dysport are our 2 fastest acting neurotoxins, but they all take about 2 weeks to have your full effect from treatment. Follow up appointments are always recommended at the 2 week mark to make sure there doesn't need to be any tweaks in your treatment.
  • Will I bruise?
    Statistically, bruising is less common with Tox injections compared to filler, but every patient and treatment is different & we can’t say for sure whether you will or won’t bruise. To have the best chance of avoiding or decreasing bruising, we recommend abstaining from the use of alcohol & anti-inflammatories (like ibuprofen) for 1 week prior to your appointment. Supplementing with arnica &/or antihistamines before the procedure can also be beneficial.
  • Do you tox the back of the neck?
    No, we do not.
  • Do you tox the underarms or masseters for TMJ?
    We can tox those areas of the body, however, as an esthetic practice they will be treated for reasons that are purely cosmetic and our practice does not accept insurance. Those areas are often ones that can be covered by insurance if diagnosed accordingly so we always suggest that route first before paying out of pocket.
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