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REFINE Membership

Our REFINE Membership just got better. Introducing our new & improved Membership. Our membership now starts with a $39/month fee. This fee by itself gets you 15% off all services & products (30% off Product of the Month). But this is where it gets exciting...

We now have Member Treatment Plans! For our patients, this means a more customizable membership program with BIGGER savings. 

How does it work?
You & your provider will select a treatment plan (or multiple!) based on your aesthetic journey & goals. From there, you will be charged the monthly fee associated with that specific treatment plan, in addition to your $39 monthly membership fee. Your TREATMENT PLAN fee will come out consecutively for 6 months, but you have a year to use the treatments in your plan.


Example: You pick the Morpheus 8 Plan. You will be charged your usual $39/month membership fee, along with $290/month for just 6 months for your treatment plan fee. You receive 3 Morpheus 8 sessions as soon as your first $290 is paid. Your sessions will be automatically loaded into your account, so you don't have to keep track of how many you've used & you have a year to use all 3. After you're done with those 3, you can choose a different treatment plan or do the Morpheus 8 Plan again.

REFINE Member Treatment Plans.png

Can I select more than one Treatment Plan at a time?

Yes! Any of our treatment plans can be combined together to create the perfect aesthetic plan for you. If you choose 2 plans, you would see 3 monthly Refine charges coming out; 1 for your $39/month membership fee & 1 for each treatment plan (2).

Can I cancel my Membership?

The Membership has a minimum 12 month commitment. Your $39/month membership fee will auto renew after a year, but you are able to cancel after your year is up.

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