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As a loyal customer and fan of Refine, sign-up for a $39/month fee, and receive 15% off all services and products any time you receive them.  Botox, Filler, Facials, Skin care, & more!  It's the best way to love getting Refined, with discounts all day, any day!

Requires 12 month commitment, may be cancelled any time after initial 12 month enrollment.

REFINE Membership

As a way to create convenience and accessibility for the aesthetic services you know and love, we developed the Refine Membership!

The membership functions as a payment plan on one hand, by covering the cost of some services, while giving you amazing discounts on every other service & product we offer as well. It makes it that much more convenient and rewarding to "do all the things".  There is often not one magic treatment or service that will have you looking flawless and ageless forever, like anything, aesthetics is a journey and often requires maintenance.  Our goal is to make that as seamless and effortless for you as possible.  

Read below to see more details:



12 month contract is signed when you start the membership. That 's it, we don't auto renew and we want you to decide if you want to continue to keep up your aesthetic journey.


$110/month for a total of 12 monthly payments.

What does that cover?

This monthly payment covers the cost of THREE treatments that you get to pick and choose to use at any time throughout your 12 months.

Choose from:

- Microneedling

- Chemical Peel

- Refine Signature Baby Lip Filler


Upgraded Services:

- Morpheus 8 $250

- Microneedling with ZO Serum Add-on $75 

- Microneedling with AnteAge Add-on $175

- Microblading $200


SIX Hydrafacial Treatments:

- Receive 6 of these in your 12 months instead of 3 of the treatments from above.

Extra VIP Perks

As a reward for investing in yourself, receive additional 15% off every other service or product you purchase at Refine!

ALSO, as a member only, enjoy extra savings with a mini monthly dermaplane facial for only $25 and also 4 complimentary brow wax and shapes per year!

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