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Morpheus 8


  • Do nothing to your face/neck/treated body part for 24 hours (this includes leaving on the aftercare applied in-office for the full 24 hours)

  • AFTER 24 HOURS (both morning & night):

    • Wash using a gentle cleanser provided to you​

    • Hydrate with a moisturizer (one is provided to you, we also recommend ZO Growth Factor)

  • AVOID:

    • Sun exposure​

    • Excessive sweating

    • Swimming

    • Retinols

    • Exfoliating acids

    • Occlusive ointments

  • If needed:

    • Antihistamine for swelling​

    • Topical hydrocortisone for itching

  • Normal reactions:

    • Redness​

    • Tight/warm skin

    • Small red abrasion spots

    • Dryness & flaking

  • Makeup can be applied after 24 hours

  • Tips to enhance results:

    • Avoid NSAIDS (ibuprofen, etc) for the next week (Tylenol is OK)​

    • Take an oral vitamin C supplement to support collagen formation

    • Drink lots of water

    • SPF every single day

    • Retinols can resume 1 week post procedure

Questions or concerns, just text us!

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