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Neuromodulators (Tox)

Botox / Dysport / Xeomin / Jeuveau

An injectable procedure used to reduce and prevent facial wrinkles and expression lines.  The procedure involves small injections of neuromodulator into the muscles of concern that are causing the lines and wrinkles in order to provide temporary muscle relaxation.  This allows the wrinkles to soften or be prevented from ever occurring and resting in the skin.

Every person and/or area of the face will get a different amount of units, which is how neuromodulator is priced, per unit.

This varies greatly and is best decided with your injector during a complimentary consultation.

Some of the common areas treated for cosmetic purposes with neuromodulators are below:


Common ranges for dosing per area:


  • Forehead:  6-14

  • Frownlines: 6-24

  • Brow Pop: 1-4 per side

  • Crows Feet: 4-14 per side

  • Undereye: 1-4 per side

  • Bunny Lines (nose): 2-6

  • LLSAN (lip elevation): 1-4

  • Lips (lip flip): 2-6

  • Masseters: 10-25 per side

  • Downturn (mouth): 2-6

  • Chin: 2-6

  • Neck Bands: 10-40

Botox         $14/unit

Dysport     $12/unit

Jeuveau      $12/unit

Xeomin      $11/unit

To get accurate and best pricing for YOUR Tox treatment, a consultation is required.  We do them complimentary and always tell you price before treatment.

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